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The Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters!

The Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters! published on No Comments on The Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters!

I have a fondness for RPGs so, a long while ago, I sketched out a trio of cartoon critter adventurers. I eventually worked out a story for them to appear in and added a fourth character (Sacerdote) so they would have a balanced party.

Feiticiero, the rabbit sorceror.
Lutadora, the mouse fighter and her magic sword Espada.
Larapio, the fox thief.

Oh, and don’t forget about Sacerdote, the sheep priest, standing at the back.

They first appeared in colour on the back of Bahala Na! 05, but I ignored that completely so their colour schemes are probably a little different here.

Catgirl Camera Collision Crisis!

Catgirl Camera Collision Crisis! published on No Comments on Catgirl Camera Collision Crisis!

Daffy, Psyche and Ginger pose for a selfie on Daffy’s new phone. Psyche was not impressed by Daffy’s attempt at using a selfie-stick.

They’ve changed a little since their first appearance in Catgirl Comicbook Convention Crisis! but I think I’ve settled on their colour schemes now.


Let us begin

Let us begin published on No Comments on Let us begin

Up with the curtain, then. Welcome to the refurbished website. Things areĀ  a little bare at the moment, but the archives will fill up with my older works over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully I’ll use that time to draw up some new material before the backlog runs out.

Anyway, to kick us off, I present Random Elements #3, which was originally serialised on a website called ComicSpace. However, over the course of time, that website changed and everything was erased. This is RE3’s first appearance on my own website. Although it’s an old work from 2007, it hasn’t really been seen before. Don’t forget to read the introduction.