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Let us begin

Let us begin published on No Comments on Let us begin

Up with the curtain, then. Welcome to the refurbished website. Things areĀ  a little bare at the moment, but the archives will fill up with my older works over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully I’ll use that time to draw up some new material before the backlog runs out.

Anyway, to kick us off, I present Random Elements #3, which was originally serialised on a website called ComicSpace. However, over the course of time, that website changed and everything was erased. This is RE3’s first appearance on my own website. Although it’s an old work from 2007, it hasn’t really been seen before. Don’t forget to read the introduction.


About published on No Comments on About

“Bahala na!” is a Filipino phrase meaning “Leave it to God”. While usually fatalistic, it is sometimes used as a motto for daring or impetuous acts – such as self-publishing comics!

While I’ve been a life-long doodler and comics reader, it was joining the Ian Hering Comics Workshop (now no longer running) in 1997 that started me on the path to drawing comics. My adventures in self-publishing began after I joined Square Eyed Stories in 98 and was part of Pulp Kitchen (5 issues, 1999-2002). From 2001 to 2003 I edited Zip Gun Presents, a short-lived line of themed one-shot anthologies. Also in 2001, I started Bahala Na!, an annual collection of my comic strip work, which ran up to 2010.

I’ve been a part of the UK small-press/self-published comics scene for a long time and have seen it grow from quick’n’easy photocopied pamphlets to slick, professional-looking comics. I have occasionally contributed to various publications, including (but not limited to) The UK Web & Mini-Comix Thing Anthology, The Girly Comic, and drawing the Space Lord strip for Omnivistascope. I’ve also had strips published in Radio Comix‘s Furrlough anthology.

For some miscellaneous artworks, there is Bahala Na on DeviantArt and Bahala Na Comics on Tumblr.

Finally – Bahala Na! is two words and an exclaimation mark. Note the space in the middle and the capitalised letters. I even put a hyphen in the web address to seperate the words. I don’t expect you to be able to pronounce it, but please don’t refer to my comic as ‘bahalana’!

Need to get in touch? E-mail to dbgoodman at this very website.