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Space Lord

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One of the projects I had the pleasure of working on was Space Lord, written by Paul Scott for his sci-fi anthology Omnivistascope.

The eponymous Space Lord was a tyrant who, having subjugated most of the galaxy, devoted himself to his hobby: creating small press comics.
Naturally, this was a subject dear to both my own heart and Paul’s as well; everything Space Lord experiences as he prowls the conventions, looking for sales and favourable reviews, is based on our own experiences of the UK small press and self-published comics scene of the time.

I recall creating a similar diminutive dictator many, many years ago, long before I started my own small press comics. While I don’t think I even have those original drawings any more for comparison, I’m pretty sure I based my design of Space Lord on my memories of that proto-overlord, combined with elements from Paul’s initial sketches to arrive at the final design.

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