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Aggadon – Introduction

Aggadon – Introduction published on No Comments on Aggadon – Introduction

This was my first attempt at a 24 hour comic. It began at 10am on the 24th of April 2004. By 10am the following morning the story and almost the art had been completed. All that remained was to finish drawing panel borders on 10 of the pages, so while I consider it a success it might not be strictly according to the rules. In any case, I finished it to make it presentable for publication.

Generated randomly from George Polti’s “The 36 Dramatic Plots”, and using a deck of ‘concept’ cards, which were originally for use with generating Role-Playing Game scenarios.

Plot: Sacrifice of Loved Ones

  • Seeker (Whole, Health, Purity)
  • Lost One (Weapon, A Means To Cause Harm)
  • Obstacle (Sea, Source, Water)

This cover was produced later when I published Aggadon as a comicbook.

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