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D’Arclaude – 01

D’Arclaude – 01 published on No Comments on D’Arclaude – 01

Hearken ye to my tale, of the time I tried to make a weekly webcomic.

I’d been tinkering with an idea for a while about a milquetoast wizard with an unfortunate name: enter D’Arclaude, the least likely candidate ever for the role of Dark Lord.
Set in a typical Dungeons & Dragons-style Fantasy world, it would a comedy of errors in which the timid D’Arclaude would attract the attention of Adventurers out to prevent the rise of a Dark Lord’s reign of terror. Our protagonists attempts to prove his innocence would backfire, inadvertantly adding to the ‘evidence’ of his Dark-Lord-ness. In turn this would attract the attention of the Forces of Evil who, thinking that a new Dark Lord had appeared, would flock to his banner. Terrified by the arrival of so many monsters and evil cultists on his doorstep, D’Arclaude would lie and pretend to be a Dark Lord so they wouldn’t kill him. And so on and so on, etc etc.

After sketching out several pages worth of storyline, I diligently worked on completing some pages to use as a backlog. That way, at a rate of 1 page a week, I would have some leeway in case I missed a week. Once I had a few weeks worth of material completed, I started the schedule and set to work on continuing the story.

That backlog didn’t last as long as I was expecting.
In order to keep up with the 1-page-a-week schedule, I had to push myself harder into focusing on working on the strip. I had a part time job, so I had some time to spend each day on drawing comics. However, outside of working, eating and sleeping, it soon became the only thing I was doing. I began to feel burnt out and kept itching to do other things.

In the end, I had to call it quits and take a break. Despite having several more unfinished pages in the pipeline, I never got back to continuing the story from where it had to stop.
I still like the idea and one day (I keep telling myself) I’ll get around to re-working it and starting again (but perhaps without pushing myself quite so hard).

It was a learning experience, mostly in that I learnt I don’t have the fortitude to keep up such a tight schedule.
So to all you webcomicers who actually can keep up that schedule, I salute you.

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