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The DSMFTH Complete Collection

The DSMFTH Complete Collection published on No Comments on The DSMFTH Complete Collection

The Derivative Sub-Managa Furry Treasure Hunters: The Complete Collection is back from the printers!
Contains all the strips, newly remastered with updated lettering and greyscale tones, plus bonus material. Each issue is numbered and comes with a unique sketch.

Copies will be available at conventions or via the shop.

Let us begin

Let us begin published on No Comments on Let us begin

Up with the curtain, then. Welcome to the refurbished website. Things areĀ  a little bare at the moment, but the archives will fill up with my older works over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully I’ll use that time to draw up some new material before the backlog runs out.

Anyway, to kick us off, I present Random Elements #3, which was originally serialised on a website called ComicSpace. However, over the course of time, that website changed and everything was erased. This is RE3’s first appearance on my own website. Although it’s an old work from 2007, it hasn’t really been seen before. Don’t forget to read the introduction.