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DSMFTH Cover published on No Comments on DSMFTH Cover

Long time no update!

Late last year I figured I had enough Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters! strips to collect into a comic of their own. While the strips have been printed seperately in various publications, they’ve never been printed together. Recently I started to re-master those old strips, updating the lettering and converting the dot tones to greyscale.

I’ve still got some things to finish and work out, but here’s a preview of the cover.
More news later, as and when it comes in.

Space Lord

Space Lord published on No Comments on Space Lord

One of the projects I had the pleasure of working on was Space Lord, written by Paul Scott for his sci-fi anthology Omnivistascope.

The eponymous Space Lord was a tyrant who, having subjugated most of the galaxy, devoted himself to his hobby: creating small press comics.
Naturally, this was a subject dear to both my own heart and Paul’s as well; everything Space Lord experiences as he prowls the conventions, looking for sales and favourable reviews, is based on our own experiences of the UK small press and self-published comics scene of the time.

I recall creating a similar diminutive dictator many, many years ago, long before I started my own small press comics. While I don’t think I even have those original drawings any more for comparison, I’m pretty sure I based my design of Space Lord on my memories of that proto-overlord, combined with elements from Paul’s initial sketches to arrive at the final design.

The Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters!

The Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters! published on No Comments on The Derivative Sub-Manga Furry Treasure Hunters!

I have a fondness for RPGs so, a long while ago, I sketched out a trio of cartoon critter adventurers. I eventually worked out a story for them to appear in and added a fourth character (Sacerdote) so they would have a balanced party.

Feiticiero, the rabbit sorceror.
Lutadora, the mouse fighter and her magic sword Espada.
Larapio, the fox thief.

Oh, and don’t forget about Sacerdote, the sheep priest, standing at the back.

They first appeared in colour on the back of Bahala Na! 05, but I ignored that completely so their colour schemes are probably a little different here.